Decor Shop

This Color Gallery is a unique paint shop concept designed by the V33 Group and located at the BHV Marais Paris. A dive into 2016’s trends, with all the latest ideas in interior and exterior decorating, every paint for every type of material, all colours and all moods.
Browse our gallery and draw from our ideas. Discover 25,000 original shades and create your own paint, with the expert advice of our decorator.
Dive into the heart of colour. Imagine, dream, and dare to be inspired !


Hypnotik retail outlet

Hypnotik paints are available only at BHV Marais. This new decorative line combines the latest trends in colour painting with the best of V33 technology.
The mixtures are rich in pigments for more intense colours. Hypnotik paints therefore offer excellent covering power, while also being resistant to stains, impacts, household cleaners, cooking grease, and humidity. You no longer have to choose between a beautiful finish and a high-performance paint.
So, ready to change everything?


Mixing machine
Create your own custom colour

The Hypnotik mixing machine by V33 is the only one that can create a full line of paints, with over 25,000 rich, intense shades for the entire home.
It makes anything possible. Create your own colour in minutes with a mixture chosen specially for the surface being painted: Wood, iron, façade, kitchen or bathroom, or a new finish for furniture, earthenware, tiles, or floors. Create the brightest colours or soothing pastels. Get inspiration from our decorator and our trend shots, to create environments that feel like you.



1500 colours to sample on-site


Help yourself to swatches to make your choice at home


250,000 rich, intense hues for all surfaces
and materials


Copy, match the colour you love,
or duplicate the one you created




The Hypnotik mixing machine uses spectrophotometer technology that analyzes the requested shade in an instant
and shows the intensity of bright shades and pastels for your paint.
You can then create your ideal colour by observing our colour charts. You can also come to the Hypnotik interior design shop with a fabric
or wallpaper sample, a photo, or another object.
In a few minutes, your custom paint is created before your eyes, for all surfaces to be painted, from 250 mL to 2.5 L
and in the finish of your choice: Mat, satin, gloss.
Now you’re the colour expert!

Is your paint can empty? Bring back your label and we’ll reproduce your custom paint as many times as you want.


Outdoor and indoor paint
Wood and ironwork
Façades and colour stains


Earthenware paint
Tile, floor, and stairs paint
Kitchen and bath paint


Multi-surface paint
Oil paint
Pro acrylic paint
Kitchen furniture paint